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Access to any / all project documents is provided for use by Hilger Construction’s potential bidders (subcontractors & material suppliers) and Hilger Construction’s employees ONLY. Access and use of this information by any other entity, including plan centers, reprographic firms and / or media / project reporting businesses, are expressly prohibited. Copying, downloading and transmitting of any project information for purposes of reselling and / or redistributing information by any party is prohibited.

Document clarity is dependent on the condition of original source documents and is not guaranteed. As well, Hilger Construction, Inc. does not warrant documents to be free from defects or errors whether known or unknown, existent or latent.

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Hilger Construction Inc. will attempt to provide accurate information with this plan room / service. However, errors or omissions may occur and users are advised to independently verify the accuracy of the information provided at this plan room. Hilger Construction Inc. disclaims any and all liability arising from inaccuracy or incompleteness of any such information.

Hilger Construction, Inc. does not warrant the scale of the posted images on screen after downloading or on paper, no matter who may print the documents.

It is Hilger Construction’s policy to provide all businesses an equal opportunity to compete for contracts.


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